Coates’ Creation Seminar on Youtube in 13 nine minute segments:


01 - Spider Evolution Faith


02 - Relevance of Creation vs evolution.mp4


03 - Creation or Big Bang - Contrasting Accounts.mp4


04 - Chemical Evolution, Rain on the Rocks.mp4


05 - Ocean organic evolution from soup.mp4


06 - Frog Soup.mp4


07 - Problems with Evolution.mp4


08 - Fast growing Stalactites.mp4


09 - Dinosaurs in recent history.mp4


10 - Fire breathing dragons.mp4


11 - Geology of the flood.mp4


12 - Noah's Ark construction and getting in the Ark day.mp4


13 - Mechanism for Noah's Flood.mp4







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On Evolution…The Faith, The Facts have Failed. 17 minutes


On Geology… Millions of years or the right conditions. 30 minutes


On Dinosaurs…Evidence that Dinosaurs lived recently. 30 minutes


On Radiometric Dating…Evidence for young Earth. 30 minutes


Science discovers what the Bible always knew. 45 minutes.





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