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Subject: Helping Restore Communist Tyranny. June 19, 1999


Dear Editor;


In the mid 40's we saved the West half of Germany from Hitler and gave the East half to the Russian communists to enslave.


In the mid 50's we fought the Korean war and, after much blood shed, yielded the north half to the communists to perpetuate the strife.


In the mid 70's after the loss of 40,000 American men in Vietnam, we left the north half to the communists to provide a stepping off point for communist expansion.


In the late 90's Russia supported our enemy, the Serbs, as they killed ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. NATO decided to wage a war. Russia opposed and did not participate. The US primarily funded the Kosovo War.


Now Russia demands its troops be permitted to police the Serbs. The US and NATO give in.


What makes the Russians think they have any right to occupy a foreign country?


Is this post-war action of the Communists similar to what we have seen in other war zones in previous times?


Are we purposefully providing the Communists an additional out post for the re-establishment of its Evil Communist empire in central Europe?


Is the best interest of the US served by helping communism get reestablished?


Is our state department stupid or what? Taxpayers' should not stand for it.


Russian troops have no business in central Europe.


Yours truly,



Floyd Coates

Chairman, Taxpayers' Watchdog Committee