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                    Book, Our Toilets Are Not for Customers

Here is an Excerpt from Floyd's book,
"Our Toilets Are Not For Customers"


"Our Toilets Are Not For Customers"

     It was a Saturday in November of 1974. Our home had been blown over by a tornado a few months before. We were in the market for light fixtures for our house. We needed to equip it with lights for the porch, lights for the trees, lights for the garden and the fountain, lights for the garage, Christmas lights, basement lights, dining room lights, star lights, lights for the everything. We selected a lighting store in Jeffersonville, Indiana, as the most likely store from which to buy all these fixtures. After we had been in the store for 30 minutes, we had written a list of $1,700 worth of light fixtures that we intended to order.
     I suddenly felt nature's urge and I asked the sales lady, "Pardon me, ma'am, do you have a bathroom?"
     She responded, "Our Toilets are Not for Customers! However, if you get into your car and drive south a couple blocks then turn east and go another block or so, you may find a restaurant to let you use theirs."

"Our Toilets Are Not For Customers"

     I thought about that and I realized that I was going to have to interrupt the writing of the order for $3,000 worth of light fixtures. I was going to have to interrupt it to find some other business in town whose toilets were for customers. As I got into my car, I realized that I should probably place my order with someone who was more concernedwith my needs. Some twenty years later, I did go back. They now have, in this multi-million dollar store, toilets for their customers. I like it when people learn to see things from the customer's point of view.

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